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Head Swimrun Myboost Pro Dam

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Head Swimrun Myboost Pro Dam

myBOOST_ it’s the innovative concept by HEAD for SWIMRUN gear! myBOOST allows for maximum wetsuit personalization due to the use of different buoyancy devices for added floatation in the chest and quad area.
myBOOST PRO - the premium SWIMRUN suit from the myBOOST line. 4mm air cell neoprene, with a Glideskin surface on the chest and quad area for greater buoyancy and perfect positioning in the water. 1.5mm Glideskin neoprene on the arms and shoulders offers maximum flexibility. Detachable sleeves allow for customization depending on your needs and preferences. Sleeves are made from 1.5mm extra-elastic neoprene with a 2.5mm cuff. Both arms and legs have the same neoprene cuff which closes tightly to create an anti-leak effect, minimizing drag in the water. Extra heat-taped seams along legs allow for individual length adjustment.
2mm double face flex neoprene on the hips and thighs offers the best running results. A multifunctional pocket system can be used to customize your wetsuit, for adding extra buoyancy to the chest and thigh area, or for carrying extra equipment. Includes a back pocket with zipper for carrying all essentials. A front and back zipper offer the best breathability during running, with heat taped seams for individual length adjustment on both the arms and legs. Extra nylon tow loops on the front and back enable you to easily fasten a tow line and accessories. Perfect for all weather and water conditions. Women’s and men’s models available.

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